Maine Day 5 – Edgar M. Tennis Preserve


Maine Day 5 – Edgar M. Tennis Preserve

Deer Isle, Maine

Today we did not do too much in the way of adventures. We did, however, go to Deer Isle Maine to the Edgar M. Tennis Preserve for a nice hike.

The weather thankfully was nice and cool with some cloud cover and no rain. We arrived at the preserve around 11:00am and started our hike promptly after arriving.

There is an old cemetery along the hike which we checked out before hitting the rest of the trail. While there we were greeted by a couple of red squirrels that were chasing each other. They ran right by us acting like we were not even there (watch the YouTube Video to see them running).

The Hike

The hike started off pretty easy. After we left the cemetery we headed down the red trail and continued on for quite some time before we ran into a different trail.

We had the choice of taking the red trail or switching off onto the blue trail. We picked the red since the blue lead away from the shoreline.

We also found out that the red trail is the longest trail taking you around a good chunk if the preserve. Some areas of the trail were a little dangerous with very small areas for you to get a good foothold.

While out there we only encountered one other person,a few squirrels, and some crows. One thing we did see a lot of out there were wild mushrooms. Some on the ground but some really big ones on the trees.

Maine Day 5
Mushrooms on the Trail

After the Preserve

After we finished our hike they decided to go to another Maine Fish and Wildlife building. The problem with that is the drive to the building was two hours from where the preserve is located. We wasted a nice day driving around in a car instead of being outside enjoying it.

The building we went to was just that a small building. It really was a waste of time. The only nice thing there was some wild blueberry fields across the street.


Now the next two days that we are here in Maine it is going to rain. I have no idea what we will be doing for those last two days.

Wild Blueberry Field
Maine Day 5
Wild Blueberry Field

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