Maine Day 7 – Acadia


Maine Day 7 – Acadia

Acadia National Park, Bat Harbor, Maine

Today was another bad day with the weather. It started out with rain overnight and total gray skies with no definition in them.

The rain held off till around 1:00pm and was off and on the rest of the day. Thankfully besides two hard rain storms, the rest were just a slight drizzle.

Bubble Rock

One place I have never been to was Bubble Rock. Mostly due to you need to hike to it from the parking lot. Today I decided since the temperature was nice and cool I would take on the hike.

I started out fine with making it a good way up in a short amount of time. The ground was covered with wet leaves and under them wet rocks that you could not see.

I was not sure how much farther up Bubble Rock was so I asked someone that was coming down from the top. I was told it was not too much farther and that it levels off and the biggest obstacle I was going to have was a couple rocks to climb.

That turned out not to be the case it did not level off and the couple rocks were many rocks that were very slippery. Either way, I got to the top.

When I got there I spotted the big boulder and nothing else due to the fog that set in. I took a couple pictures of the rock and turned to head back down to the parking lot.

As luck would have it the heavens opened up and the way down became much more dangerous. I made it to the parking lot soaked but alive and uninjured.

Maine Day 6
Bubble Rock

Park Drive

After Bubble Rock, we headed deeper into the park to see what else we might want to do. We passed the Sandy Beach due to the visibility being very poor with the fog and mist.

We stopped at a couple locations where we could see the ocean battering the Maine coast. It was amazing hearing the waves slam into the rock causing a thunder clap sound.

Ocean Battering the Maine Coast

Thunder Hole


Thunder Hole is not too far from where we stopped to see the coast. This area is named Thunder Hole do to a spot in the rock when the waves hit just right it sounds like a thunder clap.

We went to check this out and unlike the other times, we have been here there was no thunder clap sound. The waves were rough but apparently not enough to cause the thunder clap.

While there the walkway down to the Hole was closed off due to the bad weather. That did not stop people from jumping the gates. There were also people on the rocks which were slippery just to take selfies and shots of the water.

Maine Day 7
People on the Rocks including their children


I love Acadia but when the weather is so overcast and rainy it is not as much fun for me anyway. I hope to get back to here again when the weather gets better.



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