My Story


My Story

So I figured a good way to really start out this blog is to give you some background or a story if you will, on myself.

I live in New Jersey, USA, and currently working at a place that builds custom guitar pickups.

My passion for photography has been there since I was 12 or so years old. The first cameras I used was my dad’s Canon AE-1 film camera and my mom’s Kodak camera. Though he would only let me use it once in awhile I loved to take pictures.

For Christmas, they bought me a polaroid camera which I loved using. When I started to save my allowance I was able to buy a Canon Rebel film camera which I used for a long time and still have.

When digital cameras came out I was able to afford an Olympus that was 1.2 megapixels. I also bought an HP Photosmart 945 camera that is 5.3 MP which I still have and still works.

My First Digital

My first DSLR that had interchangeable lenses was a Canon XTi that I gave to my brother. Now I have a few cameras that I use all the time. Nikon D5200 which is a 24 MP camera that I use now mostly got video and Time Lapse. Nikon D800 a 36 MP beast that is my workhorse camera. Finally a Sony A7R another 36 MP camera that I am starting to use more and more.

Canon XTi
Nikon D5200
Nikon D800E
Sony A7R
Sony A7R


So back to my story. My dream is to become a pro photographer and to travel the world, but who does not have that dream. I did get a taste of it back in 2015 when I was able to take a road trip across the USA.

I had been planning this road trip for years, but working in retail getting the time off I needed is extremely hard. The only reason I was able to do it was thanks to the company I was working for. Due to reasons, I will not go into they decided after 12 almost 13 years, to get rid of me (nothing that I have done).

So with all the vacation time I had left, it was enough to fund the trip I had been planning. It took me about a month or so to complete the trip. To keep cost down I slept in a tent and only got a room if there were no camping spots around and only if the room was cheap.

With gas, a couple of hotel rooms, food, and two car issues (battery died and a tire popped) I was able to do the trip well under $3000. I could have done it for less if I planned the trip a little better, but this was all new to me.


So after getting a taste of traveling I want to do it more. Though I realize that you need money to travel, but there are plenty of local places I can visit and have fun and take some great pictures at the same time.


The fist few articles I will be posting will be from my 2015 road trip, with maybe some recent things I am doing now.

So sit back and enjoy the adventures, or better yet share some in the comments so we all can have fun together.

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